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Spamela protects your e-mail and network from spam other malicious communications.

We have a solution to the spam epidemic.

Developed in 2006, Spamela is today one of the most efficient and secure anti-spam solutions on the market. It blocks over 99% of all spam and has a false positive rate of 1 in 27,000,000.

Discover the various benefits offered by Spamela as well as what to look out for when comparing anti-spam solutions.

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Over 97% of the e-mails you receive consist of spam. Take a moment to calculate the impact this has on productivity.

Some of our clients

  • Patrick Groulx Groupe Phaneuf Louis-José Houde SADC Maskinongé
  • Ville de Mascouche Journal la Revue Municipalité de Saint-Joseph-du-Lac Académie Saint-Louis
  • MRC Les Moulins Bio-Vert Louis-José Houde Réseau Sélection


Below is Spamela’s rejection rate, i.e., the number of spam messages rejected as a percentage of legitimate messages received (over the past 7 days).