Logo Spamela

Spamela is an anti-spam solution developed by Cyber Generation, a Web services company created in 1997 which provides its clients with a superior degree of expertise in e-mail management, networking and security.

Over the past 12 years, we can boast of having hosted hundreds of Web sites and thousands of e-mail addresses. Cyberimpact, an extremely effective e-mail marketing solution, is another of our crowning achievements.

In 2006, following numerous research and development efforts and determined to counter the ever-growing spam problem, we created and launched Spamela, our own highly efficient anti-spam solution.

Because we are one of the few companies offering both management of incoming e-mail messages and mass mailing services, we are increasingly aware of upcoming changes and new threats, as a result of which we update Spamela’s capabilities on a quasi-daily basis.

Should any of you be wondering how we came up with the name Spamela, just think of the word “spam” and the famous Canadian “Pamela”. You guessed it. The name was decided upon during a brainstorming session consisting mostly of... men!